Money doesn't grow on trees but avocados do (Oro verde)


Ceramic and acrylic paint

Money doesn’t grow on trees but avocados do (Oro verde) is a reference to the commercial value of avocados in our globalized world. Contrary to the “health and wellness” image that is used to market avocados in (so-called) “first world countries”, the production of avocados has nothing to do with health or wellness, since it has many devastating consequences to the environment and people living in production regions, which tend to be the developing world. These consequences include excessive water extraction from underground water tables which dry up the land and rob water from rural communities, and the expropriation of territorial lands from indigenous groups to plant more avocado trees. But far away consumers will never really know how their consumption of the fruit affects others. The title is taken from a popular English proverb, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, that is used usually by parents when their children ask for something expensive, to express that money isn’t infinite. But avocados do grow on trees and treated as an infinite resource that is more lucratice than ever.